Thermal Energy Group

We are a science-to-systems lab conducting research in manipulating matter at nanoscale dimensions for novel applications in a multitude of thermal, solar, and electrochemical energy devices and systems. We combine theoretical, computational, and experimental techniques to understand energy conversion, storage, and transport.

Delighted to announce that our group's latest publication, Phase change materials for thermal energy storage: A perspective on linking phonon physics to performance, authored by Drew Lilley et al, was recently covered by the American Institute of Physics. This paper describes advances that our work has made in understanding the fundamental physics of phase change materials used for energy storage. The link to the full text of the paper can be found here: https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/5.0069342… more
Just before the winter break, the Thermal Energy Group had its first official get together since before the beginning of the pandemic. We gathered at Tilden Regional Park and shared pizza, drinks, conversation, and a little bit of sunlight. Most of us had not crossed paths much over the last couple of years, so this was a much needed chance to reconnect in person. Many more like this coming in the near future! 
We have an opening for a postdoc with expertise in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering, with a particular focus on catalysis and thermochemical reactor design.    The Project: Cost-effective decarbonization of heat, which is the dominant source of energy for the industrial and building sector worldwide, is a grand scientific and technological challenge. Currently natural gas is the dominant source of heat in these sectors. Although CO2-free hydrogen is being considered as a potential alternative, infrastructure challenges related to transport and storage of hydrogen are… more